The Meaning of Life

(excerpt from the new book, “Stillness Within the Storm” by Matthew Tolleth)

What is the meaning of life?

Have you ever pondered this question?  Many have but how many have ever answered it?   I do have the answer for you.

The Meaning of Life …

The meaning of life is really quite simple when you look at it fundamentally.

The most basic understanding we can apply and have continuity with, is….  Wait one moment.  Could we ask an inanimate object the same question?  Ask the Sun, the Stars, the Rock.  When we ask ourselves this same question, how much information will we have to draw to ourselves to help us understand?

The answer to the ultimate question every one has sought for ages is just too simple.  Everyone overlooks it and most would not agree;

The Meaning of Life is to; EXIST.  This is universal in its content.

Maybe you don’t agree with me and that’s just fine.  We are not arguing truths or ultimate truths, which can be subjective.  Existence is.  Seriously, it just is!  It’s not unlike binary code, where ones and zeros indicate is or is-not.  Existence is, or existence is not.  Life is, or is not.  There may be an in-between, as some would argue, but that’s irrelevant to understanding the meaning of life. Since we are made of energy and energy only changes form from one element to the next (does not cease to exist), we can begin to look at our existence in a similar way.

Is there a meaning above it all? To exist?  If the Earth could be considered a sentient being, it would likely be working on a cure to the cancer that resides on its skin.  Currently, that cancer is us.

The use of the word Meaning in this phrase, gives us the impression that there is purpose, or there should be. A rock exists, and was once a part of the mantel of the earth.  It was once a part of the whole.  Water exists in its compound elements and when you break those apart, energy changes into two parts Hydrogen and one part Oxygen.  This indicates that energy changes from one form to another, but still doesn’t lend anything to a meaning.

Hmmm, maybe we should eliminate the word Meaning from this phrase all together.  Here is the reformulated statement on the meaning of life:

There is no meaning to life.  Life exists in its own magnificence.  It exists in wonder, in its own shape, presence and form.

  What?  Did I hear you correctly??  Remember, I only said the meaning of life, not your meaning.  Two completely different realizations.  I am describing form in its solidity as opposed to the meaning as you personally see it, which is subjective to only you.